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The Meaning and Management of Endings

By Isca Salzberger-Wittenberg
“The subject of endings is rarely discussed, probably because it evokes the most painful emotions. Endings recall separation from those who are dear to us; they conjure up the passing away of relatives and friends and the notion of our own death. Most people spend a lifetime trying to avoid facing the feelings of grief which arise from endings, but we are bound to face them sooner or later.”

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The Anti-group: Destructive Forces in the Group and their Therapeutic Potential

By Morris Nitsun, Group Analysis, Vol. 24 1991.

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Much of the content on this website is about therapeutic communities and how they were created, quite often, by pioneering charismatic figures. This paper illustrates a similar level of pioneering zeal and social entrepreneurship in the creation of a counselling service in Gloucestershire and is available on the site in PDF format.

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The Contribution of Six Recently Deceased Pioneer Child Care Researchers in the UK

This essay looks at the legacy of six pioneer child care researchers who died in the two years before January 2017. It shows that they were not only highly innovatory in terms of theory and methodology but also left a set of studies that stimulated and informed subsequent research. The essay is included on this site as a PDF document.

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Spaces for Growth – Where Milieu Therapy and Psychotherapy Meet

This paper describes the nature of psychotherapy at the Mulberry Bush School and is included on this site as a PDF document.

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