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Towards an integrated network

This is a description of psychoanalytic consultancy within the social service network around looked-after children.

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Looking After Yourself, Helping Each Other: How can yoga support foster carers?

This NAFP/ISP Project Evaluationis included on this site as a PDF document.

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Attachment makes the child grow stronger

Many children in care suffer from severe problems of attachment. Suzanne Hewson, a foster carer [with ISP], explains the implications for fostering in everyday family life.

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A Question of Balance

Published in “A Question of Technique. Independent Psychoanalytic Approaches with Children and Adolescents”. Edited by Monica Lanyado and Ann Horne (Routledge 2006)

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What it feels like to be a Foster Carer – Petrina Brown

In this recent article, published in December 2012, Petrina Brown reflects on what it feels like to be a Foster Carer.

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