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When I became Principal of the Cotswold Community in 1985 I was very aware that I was a kind of "steward" of a way of working and thinking about children. I served my apprenticeship under Richard Balbernie (my predecessor) and worked with consultants who themselves had a formidable national and international reputation - Barbara Dockar-Drysdale, Isobel Menzies Lyth and Dr Eric Miller.

I felt the need to write the papers, not because I had anything particularly original to say, but because I felt I owed it to my mentors to re-say, within a different cultural context, what they had already said a decade or so earlier. Someone had to pass on the message to the next generation of childcare workers and that is what I attempted to do. Since joining ISP, I have continued to write and these papers are also included below.

If you read all the papers you will notice some overlap between them. I decided to leave them intact, rather than edit out the overlap, because each paper has its own coherence, which I don't want to interfere with.

The papers are organised into the following sections: