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The Cotswold Community, The Story of a Pioneering Therapeutic Community

My Preface about the Cotswold Community, from the book ‚ÄúRevealing the Inner World of Traumatised Children and Young People.”

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1986: A once thriving therapeutic community, now deceased.

I recently discovered this paper, April 2017, written as preparation for giving a talk about the Cotswold Community in 1986. I have decided that it is worth retaining my perspective from that year, which was full of hope for the future, rather than to update it and risk it being tainted by the knowledge of the Community’s closure in 2011.

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Circles – Viscious and Virtuous. Managing Groups in a Therapeutic Community.

The Cotswold Community is a therapeutic community, based on psychodynamic principles, that provides treatment, care and education for 40 severely emotionally deprived and abused boys. The boys live in four separate and fairly autonomous households (10 in each) which, together with a school, farm and extensive staff accommodation, forms a village type of community.

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The Importance of Food in Relation to the Treatment of Deprived and Disturbed Children in Care

Pat Hancock, Sally Simmons and John Whitwell
International Journal of Therapeutic Communities, Vol. 11(2), 1990

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Staying Alive: Is there a Future for Long-term Pyschotherapeutic Child care?

This paper explores the various aspects of “staying alive” which successful psychotherapeutic child care demands. My twenty-one years experience at the Cotswold Community provides a historical context for these observations.

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