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Therapeutic Care in Family Settings

My ambition, on joining ISP, was to develop the therapeutic understanding of the staff and carers and to apply the therapeutic child care principles (Dockar-Drysdale 1990, Winnicott 1984) which we practiced at the Cotswold Community. The professionalism of the foster carers, referred to above, was a good starting point for this work.

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The Emotional Significance of Food – Course Notes

Course notes from training which aimed to help understand how and why food is emotionally significant.

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Therapeutic Communities and Therapeutic Fostering: Similarities and Differences: My Journey.

John Whitwell Managing Director, Integrated Services Programme and formerly of the Cotswold Community.

Paper presented at the conference, “Using high quality residential care to meet the real needs of children: from theory to practice”, on Monday 4th October 2010 at the Northern School of Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy, Leeds.

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Why a therapeutic community approach?

or “What did I learn from my 27 years working in a therapeutic community that I have found to be useful in other settings?”

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Group Dynamics. ISP Training Course.

GROUP DYNAMICS COURSE – Delivery Notes. ISP Training Course, John Whitwell and Mark Thomas, June 2005 Aims and Objectives Aim: To gain a greater understanding of how groups operate. Objectives: To look at our own experiences of groups. To understand the surface behaviour of groups. To consider what goes on beneath the surface of groups. […]

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