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Beam in the Weaving Hall of the Cotswold Community

A photograph of a large beam in the Weaving Hall of the Cotswold Community that describes the story of the Bruderhof and its origins.

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Life inside the Bruderhof

These photos are snapshots of life inside the Cotswold Bruderhof.

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The new buildings created by the Bruderhof, c.1940

Photos taken around about 1940, showing the enormous amount of work done to the original derelict farm buildings.

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Farm buildings at Ashton Farm, 1936

Photos taken of the farm buildings, at Ashton Farm as it was known then, in 1936 when the first members of the Cotswold Bruderhof arrived.

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The Cotswold Bruderhof.

For a few years between 1936 – 42 the site that became the Cotswold Community was occupied by the Cotswold Bruderhof. They took over a derelict farm and buildings and created a thriving community. The items in this section give a flavour of their culture and achievements.

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