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George Lyward and Finchden Manor.

Articles from a special edition of New Era in 1974.

George Lyward and the therapeutic community he set up and ran, Finchden Manor, were legendary to those of us entering this work in the 1970's. I regret never meeting him nor visiting Finchden. In a way I felt as though I knew him through listening to Richard Balbernie.

George Lyward wrote very little about his work, as far as I know, which is why this edition of New Era is so special and has been reproduced here in full. His work was extremely influential and these articles from the New Era help us to understand why this was the case.

Monsieur George A. Lyward, Educateur Britannique.
L’homme et l’œuvre.

Nathan Brunei, researched the work of George Lyward and Finchden Manor in the 1970’s. In 1982, he completed this thesis at the University of Caen.

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George Lyward – BBC Radio 4 ‘Great Lives’

In this episode of the BBC Radio 4 program Great Lives, musician and broadcaster Tom Robinson tells Matthew Parris how educationalist George Lyward saved his life.

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Unlabelled Living.

By George Lyward.

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Glimpses into the Community.

Sallie Roberts, London. Finchden Manor is a community consisting of between 50-60 boys and young men, and some ten members of staff. The boys have always been known as The House; the staff are called by first or nicknames. Mr Lyward was known to many, many people – parents, teachers, students and patients – as […]

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What Authority Means.

Barbara Smith Director of Special Education Course, Bristol, U.K. Mr Lyward came to the experienced teachers’ course in Special Education at Redland College, in Bristol, as external examiner. The first thought that comes to my mind is a comment in a letter from a former student on hearing of his death. “Dear, dear Mr Lyward; […]

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