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Mrs Dockar-Drysdale’s Retirement Party – Cotswold Community

This video was made at the retirement party held for Barbara Dockar-Drysdale at the Cotswold Community.

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Video: Bruno Bettelheim Documentary | Horizon, 1986

From YouTube, this BBC Horizon documentary about Bettelheim was originally screened in 1986.

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From Donald Winnicott to the Naughty Step – Archive on 4

In this edition of BBC Radio 4’s Archive on Four, Anne Karpf examines Donald Winnicott’s legacy and argues that, today, Mother’s need Winnicott more than ever.

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Video: The ideas of Donald Winnicott

This video from the The School of Life introduces the ideas of Donald Winnicott.

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Video: Introduction to the work of Melanie Klein

A video introduction to the work of influential child psychoanalyst, Melanie Klein.

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